Breast cancer, BRCA-mutated

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Note: this page has regimens which are specific to breast cancer that is BRCA-mutated. Please see the main breast cancer page for other chemotherapy regimens.



Metastatic disease, all lines of therapy

Olaparib monotherapy

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Variant #1, 100 mg BID

Study Evidence
Tutt et al. 2010 Phase II


Continued until progression

Variant #2, 300 mg BID

Study Evidence Comparator Efficacy
Robson et al. 2017 (OlympiAD) Phase III (E) Capecitabine
Superior PFS

Patients had confirmed deleterious or suspected deleterious germline BRCA mutation. This is the FDA-approved dose.


Continued until progression

Variant #3, 400 mg BID

Study Evidence
Tutt et al. 2010 Phase II
Kaufman et al. 2014 Phase II

Patients in Kaufman et al. 2014 had germline BRCA1/2 mutations and had progressed after at least three lines of treatment for metastatic disease.


Continued until progression


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