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Joining maintains a hybrid mailing list & online group discussion board to encourage back and forth communication between the editors of and the rest of the user community. There are two ways to join:

  1. Go to!forum/hemonc_discuss, log in using your Google account, and click "Apply for membership."
  2. Email [email protected] saying that you would like to be added to the mailing list. Please tell us how you discovered, and if you are interested in contributing to the website, or do you mainly wish to keep updated about what's going on? This will allow you to participate if you do not wish to use a Google login.


By joining our list, you will:

  • Stay informed about what we're working on at and be the first to know about noteworthy updates to the site
  • Be able to discuss potential improvements and new features to be added to the site. We have active discussions about new ways that we can help
  • Learn more about becoming a contributor and get help with making edits to the site
  • Communicate directly with the community about any general hematology/oncology issues

Flexible communication

Communication options are flexible. You can choose to receive:

  • No email: only see messages if you go online to the message board (this requires Google login)
  • Abridged email: receive one email per day containing parts of the messages from the last day (and links to the full messages)
  • Digest email: up to the last 25 full new messages are grouped in a single email
  • All email: every individual email/message is emailed to you as soon as it's submitted

To send a message to the group, email [email protected]. Only emails sent from existing members will go through to members of the list--please make sure to use an email address that is registered with the group to send the email. You can choose to either send messages to the whole group (preferred so everyone can participate in the discussion), or only to individual members of the group.

Privacy respects the privacy of its users. Any personal information provided will only be used for site-related correspondence (such as lost passwords), and will specifically not be provided or sold to third parties for any commercial or non-commercial purposes.

Other communication

As a reminder, you can also stay in touch with us by: