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This list will need to be further organized in the future:

Clinical calculators & assessment tools



Treatment dosing

Risks of treatment


Education and Other Wikis

Guidelines & drug information

Hematology/Oncology & allied organizations

This link will take you to a page listing professional organizations that are relevant to hematologists, oncologists, and allied professionals.

Oncology-specific vendors

This link will take you to a page listing EHR vendors, analytics companies, and other oncology-specific commercially available products. Please note that inclusion on these lists is not an endorsement of the product, nor is exclusion a non-endorsement.

Patient & family information

Physician contact information


Version 5.0
Version 4.0
  • Harvard Catalyst SHRINE - "web-based query tool that allows eligible investigators to determine the aggregate total number of patients at participating hospitals who meet a given set of inclusion and exclusion criteria"
  • My Cancer Genome - Information & clinical trials by mutation type