Sarcomatoid renal cell carcinoma

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Note: these are regimens tested in histology-specific populations, please see the main RCC page for other regimens.

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Given the rapid change in evidence in many areas of hematology/oncology, readers are encouraged to consider any guideline published 5+ years ago to be for historical purposes, only.


Metastatic disease, first-line

Doxorubicin & Gemcitabine


Study Dates of enrollment Evidence
Haas et al. 2012 (ECOG 8802) 2004-2007 Phase 2


Supportive therapy

14-day cycle for 6 to 9 cycles (cumulative doxorubicin dose of 300 to 450 mg/m2, depending on cardiac function)


  1. ECOG 8802: Haas NB, Lin X, Manola J, Pins M, Liu G, McDermott D, Nanus D, Heath E, Wilding G, Dutcher J. A phase II trial of doxorubicin and gemcitabine in renal cell carcinoma with sarcomatoid features: ECOG 8802. Med Oncol. 2012 Jun;29(2):761-7. Epub 2011 Feb 6. link to original article contains dosing details in manuscript link to PMC article PubMed NCT00068393

Gemcitabine & Sunitinib


Study Dates of enrollment Evidence
Michaelson et al. 2015 (MGH 07-212) 2007-2013 Phase 2


Targeted therapy

21-day cycles


  1. MGH 07-212: Michaelson MD, McKay RR, Werner L, Atkins MB, Van Allen EM, Olivier KM, Song J, Signoretti S, McDermott DF, Choueiri TK. Phase 2 trial of sunitinib and gemcitabine in patients with sarcomatoid and/or poor-risk metastatic renal cell carcinoma. Cancer. 2015 Oct 1;121(19):3435-43. Epub 2015 Jun 8. link to original article PubMed NCT00556049