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The purpose of this page is to provide references to regimens that are obsolete, outdated, or of historical interest only. As a general rule, this includes the inferior arm(s) of a randomized study, unless said regimens continue to be recommended by trustworthy sources such as the NCCN Guidelines. Is there a regimen missing from this list? See the main pancreatic cancer page for current regimens.

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Induction therapy for locally advanced disease, unresectable


FLEC: Fluorouracil, Leucovorin (Folinic acid), Epirubicin, Carboplatin


Study Dates of enrollment Evidence Comparator Comparative Efficacy
Cantore et al. 2004 1997-2001 Phase 3 (E-esc) Gemcitabine Seems to have superior OS


  1. Cantore M, Fiorentini G, Luppi G, Rosati G, Caudana R, Piazza E, Comella G, Ceravolo C, Miserocchi L, Mambrini A, Del Freo A, Zamagni D, Rabbi C, Marangolo M. Gemcitabine versus FLEC regimen given intra-arterially to patients with unresectable pancreatic cancer: a prospective, randomized phase III trial of the Italian Society for Integrated Locoregional Therapy in Oncology. J Chemother. 2004 Dec;16(6):589-94. link to original article PubMed

Metastatic disease, first-line


PEFG: Platinol (Cisplatin), Epirubicin, Fluorouracil, Gemcitabine


Study Dates of enrollment Evidence Comparator Comparative Efficacy
Reni et al. 2005 2000-2003 Phase 3 (E-esc) Gemcitabine Seems to have superior PFS


28-day cycles


  1. Reni M, Cordio S, Milandri C, Passoni P, Bonetto E, Oliani C, Luppi G, Nicoletti R, Galli L, Bordonaro R, Passardi A, Zerbi A, Balzano G, Aldrighetti L, Staudacher C, Villa E, Di Carlo V. Gemcitabine versus cisplatin, epirubicin, fluorouracil, and gemcitabine in advanced pancreatic cancer: a randomised controlled multicentre phase III trial. Lancet Oncol. 2005 Jun;6(6):369-76. link to original article contains dosing details in abstract PubMed

Metastatic disease, all lines of therapy


SMF: Streptozotocin, Mitomycin, 5-Fluorouracil


Study Dates of enrollment Evidence Comparator Comparative Efficacy
Kelsen et al. 1991 1987-1989 Phase 3 (C) CAC Superior OS


  1. Kelsen D, Hudis C, Niedzwiecki D, Dougherty J, Casper E, Botet J, Vinciguerra V, Rosenbluth R. A phase III comparison trial of streptozotocin, mitomycin, and 5-fluorouracil with cisplatin, cytosine arabinoside, and caffeine in patients with advanced pancreatic carcinoma. Cancer. 1991 Sep 1;68(5):965-9. link to original article PubMed