Sickle cell anemia

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All lines of therapy

Hydroxyurea monotherapy

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Study Evidence Comparator Efficacy
Charache et al. 1995 (MSH) Phase III Placebo Superior annual rate of crises


Doses were subsequently adjusted, see article for details.


  1. Charache S, Terrin ML, Moore RD, Dover GJ, Barton FB, Eckert SV, McMahon RP, Bonds DR. Effect of hydroxyurea on the frequency of painful crises in sickle cell anemia. Investigators of the multicenter Study of Hydroxyurea in Sickle Cell Anemia. N Engl J Med. 1995 May 18;332(20):1317-22. link to original article contains protocol PubMed
    1. Update: Steinberg MH, Barton F, Castro O, Pegelow CH, Ballas SK, Kutlar A, Orringer E, Bellevue R, Olivieri N, Eckman J, Varma M, Ramirez G, Adler B, Smith W, Carlos T, Ataga K, DeCastro L, Bigelow C, Saunthararajah Y, Telfer M, Vichinsky E, Claster S, Shurin S, Bridges K, Waclawiw M, Bonds D, Terrin M. Effect of hydroxyurea on mortality and morbidity in adult sickle cell anemia: risks and benefits up to 9 years of treatment. JAMA. 2003 Apr 2;289(13):1645-51. Erratum in: JAMA. 2003 Aug 13;290(6):756. link to original article PubMed
  2. QoL analysis: Ballas SK, Barton FB, Waclawiw MA, Swerdlow P, Eckman JR, Pegelow CH, Koshy M, Barton BA, Bonds DR. Hydroxyurea and sickle cell anemia: effect on quality of life. Health Qual Life Outcomes. 2006 Aug 31;4:59. link to original article link to PMC article PubMed

L-glutamine monotherapy

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Study Evidence Comparator Efficacy
No publication Phase III Placebo Superior reduction in the number of sickle cell crises through week 48

Note: this trial is not available in published form; instructions here are from the page.


48-week course