Isotretinoin (Accutane)

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Mechanism of action

From the NCI Drug Dictionary: A naturally-occurring retinoic acid with potential antineoplastic activity. Isotretinoin binds to and activates nuclear retinoic acid receptors (RARs); activated RARs serve as transcription factors that promote cell differentiation and apoptosis. This agent also exhibits immunomodulatory and anti-inflammatory responses and inhibits ornithine decarboxylase, thereby decreasing polyamine synthesis and keratinization.

Diseases for which it is used

Diseases for which it was used

Patient Drug Information

History of changes in EMA indication

  • 1982-05-07: EURD

Also known as

  • Code name: Ro 4-3780
  • Generic names: 13-cis-retinoic acid, 13-cis-vitamin A acid, 13-CRA, cis-retinoic acid, isotretinoinum, neovitamin A
  • Brand names: Absorica, Accure, Accutane, Amnesteem, Cistane, Claravis, Isotrex, Isotrexin, Myorisan, Oratane, Roaccutan, Roaccutane, Roacutan, Sotret, Zenatane