Vincristine liposomal (Marqibo)

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General information

Class/mechanism: Vinca alkaloid which causes cell cycle arrest in metaphase and inhibits mitosis. Vincristine stabilizes the spindle apparatus by binding to tubulin, alters microtubule structure and function, and inhibits chromosome separation. Marqibo is a formulation of vincristine sulfate that is encapsulated in sphingomyelin/cholesterol liposomes (Optisomes), which are hypothesized to provide improved tissue drug penetration and reduced toxicity.[1][2][3][4]
Route: IV
Extravasation: irritant/vesicant (depending on reference)

For conciseness and simplicity, currently will focus on treatment regimens and not list information such as: renal/hepatic dose adjustments, metabolism (including CYP450), excretion, monitoring parameters (although this will be considered for checklists), or manufacturer. Instead, for the most current information, please refer to your preferred pharmacopeias such as Micromedex, Lexicomp, UpToDate (courtesy of Lexicomp), or the prescribing information.[1]

Diseases for which it is used

Patient drug information

History of changes in FDA indication

  • 8/9/2012: Accelerated approval for the treatment of adult patients with Philadelphia chromosome-negative (Ph-) acute lymphoblastic leukemia (ALL) in second or greater relapse or whose disease has progressed following two or more anti-leukemia therapies. (Based on RALLY)

Also known as

  • Generic names: vincristine sulfate liposome injection, VSLI
  • Brand name: Marqibo


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