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Elizabeth Buchbinder, MD

Elizabeth Buchbinder, MD is a clinical oncologist specializing in the treatment of melanoma. She is an Instructor in Medicine at Harvard Medical School (Dana-Farber Cancer Institute). She also performs clinical and translational research to help further melanoma treatment. Advancements in immunotherapy have changed the way we treat melanoma. However not all patients respond and there remains a huge need to continue exploring next steps in immunotherapy, how to best treat side effects and how best to sequence therapies. Dr. Buchbinder is involved in numerous immunotherapy clinical trials and translational projects. Melanoma is a disease with numerous genetic abnormalities that can be treated with targeted medications. To help determine the best treatment for each patient individual patient’s tumors are evaluated and matched with appropriate therapy. This effort to predict the most promising therapy requires collection of tumor samples and close collaboration with basic scientists.

She is the Section Editor of Dermatologic Oncology.