Tranexamic acid (Cyklokapron)

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Mechanism of action

Tranexamic acid is a competitive inhibitor of plasminogen activation, and at much higher concentrations, a noncompetitive inhibitor of plasmin, i.e., actions similar to aminocaproic acid. Tranexamic acid is about 10 times more potent in vitro than aminocaproic acid.

Diseases for which it is used

History of changes in FDA indication

  • 1986-12-30: Initial FDA approval
  • 2008-12-22 (oldest label available at Drugs @ FDA): Indicated in patients with hemophilia for short-term use (two to eight days) to reduce or prevent hemorrhage and reduce the need for replacement therapy during and following tooth extraction.

Also known as

  • Brand names: Amixam, Cyklokapron, Hemostan, Prexam, Temsy, Tranofast