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This page is a running list of tasks that should be done for Contributors can either add additional items to be done here, or come here to look for ways to contribute to the site. Please move things from the "to be done" to the "completed" section once it's been done.

To be done

  • Provide preceding treatment info for all adjuvant regimens
  • Add more Example chemotherapy order sets for all regimens
  • Update information for all medications in the Drug index, e.g. package insert versions
  • Add additional information to Consult topics in hematology and oncology
  • Add additional Factor VIII inhibitor regimens & references to Coagulopathies page: Delgado J, Jimenez-Yuste V, Hernandez-Navarro F, Villar A. Acquired haemophilia: review and meta-analysis focused on therapy and prognostic factors. Br J Haematol. 2003 Apr;121(1):21-35. link to original article
  • Add pre-chemotherapy hepatitis B flowchart
  • Add choriocarcinoma regimens e.g.,
  • Add PMID 24428673, PMID 15939712, PMID 16467197, bexarotene for T-cell lymphoma
  • Verify at least one protocol for all RCT-based regimens
  • Add ORR to all non-randomized regimens
  • Change "ICD-9 codes" to "ICD codes" and include ICD-10 codes
  • Use Pinger or ExternalLinks extension to check for broken links on pages
  • (Recurring) Check [Epub ahead of print] for actual publication info (done through mid-2018)