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The purpose of this page is to record, in reverse chronological order, conversations about content changes for the accompanying main page.

April 2018

  • User:Wayneliang: Since I’m just starting out, do you mind reviewing my recent edits (one major, one minor) to see how it confirms with the site’s style description?
  • User:Jwarner: I went through your edit and here are just a few comments (I made these changes already, except for #6):
  1. In order to count the number of variants correctly, each variant has to be given its own unique identifier. I use to give me a random 6-digit hex code, which has a extremely minimal (close to 0%) chance of creating a duplicate code
  2. I moved the “COG ARST0332 Arm D” from the variant header to the short name description
  3. When an item is nested, no need to repeat the link (e.g., the doxorubicin link at the second ** level)
  4. 2,000 versus 2000. We had moved towards a no comma for four-digit numbers format, but I’m honestly rethinking that. Peter, any opinions?
  5. When a reference is an abstract, add the bolded Abstract: to the beginning of the references
  6. When the details of the regimen are from somewhere else (which I believe is the case, since the abstract itself didn’t have any treatment info) we usually add this as a note (in italics) before the treatment details.
  • User:Wayneliang: Thank you for your comments – very helpful. I added the source information in italics. I did not link to the protocol because I don’t know how (it is behind the member only COG website) but I did link to the NCT protocol page.