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June 2018

  • User:Jwarner to User:Herminafernandes: I was going through some regimens with missing details, and discovered that one of the arms of TRYPHAENA was given FEC & HP, which is a regimen we currently don’t have on the site. Does anyone use FEC & HP? If so I’m happy to add it.
  • User:Herminafernandes: FEC is available at multiple spots across the site ie 2.7, 4.17 etc.

However this study TRYPHAENA brought to the forefront, the use of neoadjuvant TCPH ie

H-traztuzumab, P-Pertuzumab in conjunction with T-Docetaxel, C-Carboplatin, all in neoadjuvant setting.

Arm A: 5-fluorouracil, epirubicin, cyclophosphamide (FEC) followed by docetaxel (T), with trastuzumab (H) and pertuzumab (P) given concurrently throughout (FEC + H + P ×3→T + H + P ×3); Arm B: FEC followed by T + H + P (FEC ×3→T + H + P ×3); Arm C: T, carboplatin, H with P (TCH+P ×6).

Most commonly used is TCPH Arm C as it had the highest pCR rates across regimens in this study, with comparable toxicity profile to other arms, and this is what the study should highlight as regimen of choice on website(as it already is)

HP is not used in the neoadjuvant setting unless in combinations as described above.