Regimen classes

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The purpose of this page is to define regimen classes that will be used in the HemOnc ontology; it is not for other purposes at this time.

Generic classes

Allogeneic HSCT

Chemoradiotherapy-based regimen

Chemotherapy-based regimen


High-dose chemotherapy with auto HSCT

Intensive chemotherapy

Endocrine therapy-based regimen

Radiotherapy-based regimen

Single-agent regimen

Single-agent cytotoxic chemotherapy

Single-agent endocrine therapy

Single-agent immunotherapy

Single-agent targeted therapy

Multi-agent regimen

Multi-agent cytotoxic chemotherapy

Named classes

All classes in this category have at least one named agent or class of agents other than the most generic classes of chemotherapy, immunotherapy, etc.

Alkylator-based regimen

Anthracycline-based regimen

Doxorubicin-based regimen

Anti-CD20-based regimen

Rituximab-containing regimen

Anti-HER2-based regimen

Trastuzumab-based regimen

Anti-VEGF biologic therapy

Bevacizumab-containing regimen

Dacarbazine-based regimen

Endocrine-based regimen

Androgen receptor-directed therapy

Antiestrogen therapy

Fludarabine-based regimen

Fluoropyrimidine-based regimen

Fluoropyrimidine-based chemoradiotherapy

5-FU-based chemoradiotherapy

5-FU-based regimen

Fluoropyrimidine- and platinum-based regimen

Irinotecan-based regimen

Pemetrexed-containing regimen

Platinum-based regimen

Cisplatin-based regimen

Oxaliplatin-based regimen

Platinum-based chemoradiation

Platinum-taxane-based regimen

Platinum doublet

Taxane-based regimen

Docetaxel-containing regimen

Paclitaxel-containing regimen

Temozolomide-based regimen

Tyrosine kinase inhibitor therapy

BRAF TKI therapy

EGFR TKI therapy

VEGFR inhibitor therapy

Modeled classes

This unusual category includes regimens that are "like" another regimen, without exactly specifying how they are like.

CHOP-like therapy

R-CHOP-like therapy