Regimen classes

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The purpose of this page is to define regimen classes that will be used in the HemOnc ontology; it is not for other purposes at this time.

Generic classes

Allogeneic HSCT


Fluoropyrimidine-based chemoradiotherapy

5-FU-based chemoradiotherapy



High-dose chemotherapy with auto HSCT

Intensive chemotherapy

Endocrine therapy


Single-agent regimen

Single-agent cytotoxic chemotherapy

Single-agent hormonotherapy

Single-agent immunotherapy

Single-agent targeted therapy

More specific classes

Alkylator-based regimen

Anthracycline-based regimen

CHOP-like therapy

Anti-CD20-based regimen

Rituximab-containing regimen

R-CHOP-like therapy

Anti-HER2-based regimen

Trastuzumab-based regimen

Anti-VEGF biologic therapy

Bevacizumab-containing regimen

Dacarbazine-based regimen

Endocrine-based regimen

Androgen receptor-directed therapy

Antiestrogen therapy

Fludarabine-based regimen

Fluoropyrimidine-based regimen

5-FU-based regimen

Irinotecan-based regimen

Pemetrexed-containing regimen

Platinum-based regimen

Cisplatin-based regimen

Oxaliplatin-based regimen

Platinum-based chemoradiation

Platinum doublet

Taxane-based regimen

Docetaxel-containing regimen

Temozolomide-based regimen

Tyrosine kinase inhibitor therapy

BRAF TKI therapy

EGFR TKI therapy

VEGFR inhibitor therapy