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  • 5/15/2012: Paul Levy. Oncology wiki. Not Running a Hospital. link to article
  • 6/25/2012: Listed by Webicina in its oncology wiki section.


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  • 9/16/2016: (blog) Using Medical Wikis for Translation & Interpreting Research by Jonathan Beagley
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  • 5/2017: McCormick, Kathleen A. Together into the future...Pharmacogenomics and documentation. Nursing Management May 2017, Volume 48 Number 5 , p 32 - 40. link to article "One new app connects to Gene Wiki, My Cancer Genome, and, synthesizing information and standardizing formats to bring to healthcare providers."
  • 10/2017: Breitenstein et al. Electronic Health Record Phenotypes for Precision Medicine: Perspectives and Caveats from Treatment of Breast Cancer at a Single Institution link to article
  • 10/2017: The Rising Tide of Next Generation Cancer Treatments link to article
  • 11/2017: Warner et al. Overcoming the Straw Man Effect in Oncology: Visualization and Ranking of Chemotherapy Regimens Using an Information Theoretic Approach link to article