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This is a pilot project to make it easier for us to share, find, and learn from presentations prepared by our colleagues. Submitters may update or remove these presentations at any time--it is simple to upload new versions of files or remove files if you wish. The submitter of every presentation is responsible for making sure that they have the right/permission to post the content. If you believe that any content here violates your copyright, email [email protected] with the details and we will address it.

In the future, we will consider creating separate pages for every presentation and categorizing things by topic, author, type of presentation--Powerpoint, Twitter, Youtube, etc.


To add something to this list, upload a file, choose a descriptive filename, and create a link to it below by doing one of the following:

Via Visual Editor "Edit"

  1. Go to the list below, and type in text to describe your presentation.
  2. Highlight the text, click the "link," and type in the name of your uploaded file (can also upload using the Visual Editor via "insert" --> media). The format usually will be File:__name_of_your_uploaded_file__

Via "Edit Source"

  1. Edit the list below and put a link to the file by adding this: [[File:your_filename.ppt | the_text_you_want_to_be_shown_linking_to_your_file]]
  2. Click save page