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The practice of hematology/oncology involves extensive knowledge about numerous drugs and complex treatment regimens. This information is constantly evolving, and when we conducted a needs assessment in 2011, there was no freely available, comprehensive, centralized repository of such information. was created to address this unmet need. has grown organically since its founding in 2011. In 2017, the website had reached a level of maturity where formal incorporation of LLC, as the content owner of, was undertaken. Along with this incorporation, five guiding principles were identified and are listed here:

  • Complete and continuously updated, including historical information for educational purposes. (although we won't have everything all the time, we will keep adding to work towards being as complete as possible)
  • Accurate information for clinical use, always with primary sources cited
  • Standardized means of describing regimens to clearly communicate information and minimize errors
  • Free and open to all users, regardless of nationality, with links to free resources (e.g., PubMed Central) whenever possible
  • User-first organization and design. Oncology professionals made the reference we wanted. Most useful content is linked regardless of affiliation. Overarching Goals

The goals of the project are displayed on the main landing page and are replicated here:

Note that while these goals may evolve over time, they have been relatively static since the founding of the website in 2011.