Ondansetron (Zofran)

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General information

Class/mechanism: Selective serotonin 5-HT3 receptor antagonist. Chemotherapy medications can cause nausea and vomiting by stimulating release of serotonin from the enterochromaffin cells of the small intestine, and serotonin triggers the vomiting reflex by binding to and activating 5-HT3 receptors. Ondansetron prevents nausea and vomiting by binding with high affinity to 5-HT3 receptors and blocking their activation by serotonin.[1][2]
Route: PO, IV
Extravasation: no information available

For conciseness and simplicity, HemOnc.org currently will focus on treatment regimens and not list information such as: renal/hepatic dose adjustments, metabolism (including CYP450), excretion, monitoring parameters (although this will be considered for checklists), or manufacturer. Instead, for the most current information, please refer to your preferred pharmacopeias such as Micromedex, Lexicomp, UpToDate (courtesy of Lexicomp), or the prescribing information.[1]

Patient drug information

History of changes in FDA indication

  • 1/4/1991: Initial FDA approval

Also known as

Alencar Amilene ANG DAN Tong Ansentron Anset AN SI XIN AO YI MAI Atossa
Bryterol Cedantron Ceramos Cloridrato DE Ondansetrona Danofran Dantenk Emeran Emeset
Emetra Emetron Emigo Emistat Emivox EN NUO Ping Espasevit Finaber
Finoxi Frazon FU MI Ting Glendan Helmine Injectrax Insetron Invomit
Izofran Latran Modifical Narfoz Nausedron Nautah Neomit Nuset
O.N.D. Odanex Odanse Ometic Omstron Onaset Oncotor Onda
Ondace Ondan Ondanles Ondansetron Ondansetron-Z Ondansetron Alpharma Ondansetron CF Ondansetron Denver Farma
Ondansetron Epicaris Ondansetron Fabra Ondansetron Filaxis Ondansetron Gobbi Ondansetron Hydrochloride Ondansetron Lazar Ondansetron Martian Ondansetron Nycomed
Ondansetron ODT Ondansetron Ratiopharm Ondant Ondaren Ondasetron Ondatie Ondavell Ondem
Ondemet Onfran Onilat Onsat Onseran Onset Onsetron Onsett
Onsia Ontrax Onzod Osetron Ostasyn Otobrol Periset Quimiofran
Seton Setronax Setronon SHI TAI SN-307 Sopran Trorix Vero Ondansetron
Vomceran Vomiban Vomigo Vomikind Vomiset Vomitron Vomiz Vonau
WEI ZE Yatrox Zantron Zapron Zemitron Zofer Zofran Zofran ODT
Zofran Sankyo Zofron Zoltem Zonax Zondan Zophren Zudan


  • Italian Group for Antiemetic Research. Dexamethasone alone or in combination with ondansetron for the prevention of delayed nausea and vomiting induced by chemotherapy. N Engl J Med. 2000 May 25;342(21):1554-9. link to original article PubMed