Ciltacabtagene autoleucel (JNJ-68284528)

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Mechanism of action

From the NCI Drug Dictionary: A preparation of autologous T lymphocytes that are transduced, ex vivo, with a lentiviral vector expressing a chimeric antigen receptor (CAR) containing two bispecific anti-B-cell maturation antigen (BCMA) variable fragments of llama heavy-chain murine antibodies fused to the signaling domain of 4-1BB (CD137), with potential immunostimulating and antineoplastic activities. The antigen-binding region of the CAR is a non-scFv structure targeting two distinct regions of BCMA. Upon intravenous administration back into the patient, the autologous bi-epitope BCMA-targeted CAR T cells JNJ-68284528 are directed to cells expressing BCMA, bind to two different epitopes on BCMA and induce selective toxicity in BCMA-expressing tumor cells.

Preliminary data

Multiple myeloma

  1. CARTITUDE-1: Berdeja JG, Madduri D, Usmani SZ, Jakubowiak A, Agha M, Cohen AD, Stewart AK, Hari P, Htut M, Lesokhin A, Deol A, Munshi NC, O'Donnell E, Avigan D, Singh I, Zudaire E, Yeh TM, Allred AJ, Olyslager Y, Banerjee A, Jackson CC, Goldberg JD, Schecter JM, Deraedt W, Zhuang SH, Infante J, Geng D, Wu X, Carrasco-Alfonso MJ, Akram M, Hossain F, Rizvi S, Fan F, Lin Y, Martin T, Jagannath S. Ciltacabtagene autoleucel, a B-cell maturation antigen-directed chimeric antigen receptor T-cell therapy in patients with relapsed or refractory multiple myeloma (CARTITUDE-1): a phase 1b/2 open-label study. Lancet. 2021 Jun 24:S0140-6736(21)00933-8. Epub ahead of print. link to original article PubMed NCT03548207

Also known as

  • Code names: JNJ-68284528, LCAR-B38M
  • Generic name: cilta-cel