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The purpose of this page is to record, in reverse chronological order, conversations about content changes for the accompanying main page.

April 2018

  • User:Jwarner to User:Travisosterman: I’ve been shying away from adding randomized phase II’s to but this one caught my eye. We don’t have have carbo-pem-bev under the “elderly or poor performance status” section – would you like to add it?
    • User:Travisosterman: Thanks, despite that not being our practice at Vanderbilt, I think it is reasonable to include for the following reasons:
  1. Carbo/pem (without bev) is listed as those trials generally did accept PS 2 patients
  2. The addition or exclusion of bev is generally not exclusively due to PS
  3. In similar trials, carbo+taxol+bev specifically excluded PS 2, even Roy’s 2017 negative study. If any of those had included PS 2 patients, I might have said, “let’s not open that can of worms”
  • User:Travisosterman: I'm not sure if you saw the press release. Do you usually wait for FDA approval before posting 1st line regimen changes? This will change practice in the community pretty quickly for stage IV nsclc.
    • User:Jwarner: KEYNOTE-042 added, using the 2015 ASCO abstract while we await newer data to be published