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Hereditary hemorrhagic telangiectasia

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|[ Yaniv et al. 2009]
| style="background-color:#1a9851" |Randomized Phase II (E-esc)
| style="background-color:#1a9850" |Superior frequency of epistaxis
|[ Geisthoff et al. 2014 (TAHHT)]
| style="background-color:#1a9851" |Phase III (E-esc)
| style="background-color:#ffffbf" |Seems not superior (*)
|[ Gaillard et al. 2014 (ATERO)]
| style="background-color:#1a9851" |Phase III (E-esc)
| style="background-color:#1a9850" |Shorter mean duration of epistaxis
''Note: in TAHHT, the primary outcome of hemoglobin levels was not statistically significantly different, but the secondary outcome of epistaxis was superior for this arm.''
====Hemostasis therapy====
*[[Tranexamic acid (Cyklokapron)]]
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