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B-cell acute lymphoblastic leukemia - historical

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L-Asparaginase, Vincristine, Prednisone {{#subobject:d039d8|Regimen=1}}
!style="width: 25%"|Comparator
!style="width: 25%"|[[Levels_of_Evidence#Comparative_efficacy|Comparative Efficacy]]
|[ Ortega et al. 1977]
| style="background-color:#91cf61" |Non-randomized (RT)
| style="background-color:#d3d3d3" |
| style="background-color:#d3d3d3" |
|[ Henderson et al. 1979 (CALGB 7113)]
# Ortega JA, Nesbit ME Jr, Donaldson MH, Hittle RE, Weiner J, Karon M, Hammond D. L-Asparaginase, vincristine, and prednisone for induction of first remission in acute lymphocytic leukemia. Cancer Res. 1977 Feb;37(2):535-40. [ link to original article] [ PubMed]
# '''CALGB 7113:''' Henderson ES, Scharlau C, Cooper MR, Haurani FI, Silver RT, Brunner K, Carey RW, Falkson G, Blom J, Nawabi IV, Levine AS, Bank A, Cuttner J, Cornwell GG 3rd, Henry P, Nissen NI, Wiernik PH, Leone L, Wohl H, Rai K, James GW, Weinberg V, Glidewell O, Holland JF. Combination chemotherapy and radiotherapy for acute lymphocytic leukemia in adults: results of CALGB protocol 7113. Leuk Res. 1979;3(6):395-407. [ link to SD article] [ PubMed]
# '''CALGB 7612:''' Gottlieb AJ, Weinberg V, Ellison RR, Henderson ES, Terebelo H, Rafla S, Cuttner J, Silver RT, Carey RW, Levy RN, Hutchinson JL, Raich P, Cooper MR, Wiernik P, Anderson JR, Holland JF. Efficacy of daunorubicin in the therapy of adult acute lymphocytic leukemia: a prospective randomized trial by Cancer and Leukemia Group B. Blood. 1984 Jul;64(1):267-74. [ link to original article] [ PubMed]
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