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B-cell acute lymphoblastic leukemia - historical

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!style="width: 25%"|[[Levels_of_Evidence#Efficacy|Efficacy]]
|[ Frei et al. 1958(ALGB 01)]
|style="background-color:#1a9851"|Randomized (E)
|6-MP & MTX (alternate dosing)
|style="background-color:#ffffbf"|Seems not superior
|[ Frei et al. 1961(ALGB 03)]
|style="background-color:#1a9851"|Randomized (E)
|1. 6-MP<br> 2. MTX
# '''ALGB 01:''' Frei E 3rd, Holland JF, Schneiderman MA, Pinkel D, Selkirk G, Freireich EJ, Silver RT, Gold GL, Regelson W. A comparative study of two regimens of combination chemotherapy in acute leukemia. Blood. 1958 Dec;13(12):1126-48. [ link to original article] [ PubMed]# '''ALGB 03:''' Frei E, Freireich EJ, Gehan E, Pinkel D, Holland JF, Selawry O, Haurani F, Spurr CL, Hayes DM, James GW, Rothberg H, Sodee DB, Rundles RW, Schroeder LR, Hoogstraten B, Wolman IJ, Traggis DG, Cooper T, Gendel BR, Ebaugh F, Taylor R. Studies of Sequential and Combination Antimetabolite Therapy in Acute Leukemia: 6-Mercaptopurine and Methotrexate. Blood. 1961;18(4):431-454. [ link to original article]
==Mercaptopurine & Prednisone {{#subobject:f609f5|Regimen=1}}==
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