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B-cell acute lymphoblastic leukemia - historical

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Mercaptopurine & Methotrexate {{#subobject:6366a6|Regimen=1}}
# Frei E 3rd, Holland JF, Schneiderman MA, Pinkel D, Selkirk G, Freireich EJ, Silver RT, Gold GL, Regelson W. A comparative study of two regimens of combination chemotherapy in acute leukemia. Blood. 1958 Dec;13(12):1126-48. [ link to original article] [ PubMed]
==Mercaptopurine & Prednisone {{#subobject:f609f5|Regimen=1}}==
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|[[#top|back to top]]
===Regimen {{#subobject:c637f6|Variant=1}}===
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!style="width: 25%"|Study
!style="width: 25%"|[[Levels_of_Evidence#Evidence|Evidence]]
!style="width: 25%"|Comparator
!style="width: 25%"|[[Levels_of_Evidence#Efficacy|Efficacy]]
|[ Fernbach et al. 1966]
|style="background-color:#1a9851"|Randomized (C)
|Cyclophosphamide & Prednisone
|style="background-color:#ffffbf"|Seems not superior
*[[Mercaptopurine (Purinethol)]]
*[[Prednisone (Sterapred)]]
# Fernbach DJ, Griffith KM, Haggard ME, Holcomb TM, Sutow WW, Vietti TJ, Windmiller J. Chemotherapy of acute leukemia in childhood. Comparison of cyclophosphamide and mercaptopurine. N Engl J Med. 1966 Sep 1;275(9):451-6. [ link to original article] [ PubMed]
==Prednisolone monotherapy {{#subobject:5d40b1|Regimen=1}}==
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