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Autoimmune cytopenia

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Sirolimus (Rapamune) {{#subobject:35516b|Regimen=1}}
|[http Bride et al. 2015]
|style="background-color:#EEEE00"|Phase II
====Immunosuppressant therapy====*[[Sirolimus (Rapamune)]] 2 to 2.5 mg/m2/dayPO
**See manuscript for recommended dose adjustments
# Bride KL, Vincent T, Smith-Whitley K, Lambert MP, Bleesing JJ, Seif AE, Manno CS, Casper J, Grupp SA, Teachey DT. Sirolimus is effective in relapsed/refractory autoimmune cytopenias: results of a prospective multi-institutional trial. Blood. 2016 Jan 7;127(1):17-28. Epub 2015 Oct 26. [ link to original article] [ link to PMC article] '''contains protocol''' [ PubMed]
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