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Argatroban (Acova)

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==General information==
Class/mechanism: Direct thrombin inhibitor, binds reversibly to free and clot-associated thrombin and inhibits its effects of catalyzing the formation of fibrin from fibrinogen, platelet aggregation, activation of protein C, and activation of coagulation factors V, VIII, and XIII.<ref name="insert">[ Argatroban package insert]</ref><ref>[[Media:Argatroban.pdf | Argatroban package insert (locally hosted backup)]]</ref><ref>[http argatroban Argatroban manufacturer's website]</ref>
<br>Route: IV
<br>Extravasation: no information
==Patient drug information==
*Brief patient counseling information can be found in the [ Argatroban package insert]<ref name="insert"></ref>
*[ Argatroban patient drug information (UpToDate)]<ref>[ Argatroban patient drug information (UpToDate)]</ref>
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