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Biliary tract cancer (cholangiocarcinoma/gallbladder)

Source: Gemcitabine & Oxaliplatin for biliary tract cancer

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GEMOX-3: GEMcitabine & OXaliplatin, 3 visits per month

Regimen variant #1, 1000/85, bi-weekly

Study Evidence Efficacy
Halim et al. 2011 Phase II ORR: 27.5%


14-day cycles

Regimen variant #2, 1000/100, bi-weekly

Study Evidence Comparator Comparative Efficacy
Lee et al. 2011 (SMC 2008-12-024) Phase III (C) GEMOX & Erlotinib Might have inferior PFS


14-day cycles

Regimen variant #3, 1000/100 ("GEMOX-3")

Study Evidence Efficacy
Harder et al. 2006 Phase II ORR: 26% (95% CI 14–44)


28-day cycles


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