Alendronate (Fosamax)

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General information

Class/mechanism: Bisphosphonate, inhibits osteoclast activity, dissolution of hydroxyapatite crystals, and bone resorption/turnover.[1][2]
Route: PO
Extravasation: n/a

For conciseness and simplicity, currently will focus on treatment regimens and not list information such as: renal/hepatic dose adjustments, metabolism (including CYP450), excretion, monitoring parameters (although this will be considered for checklists), or manufacturer. Instead, for the most current information, please refer to your preferred pharmacopeias such as Micromedex, Lexicomp, Medscape, UpToDate (courtesy of Lexicomp), or the prescribing information.[1]

Patient drug information

Also known as

(4-amino-1-hydroxy-1-phosphono-butyl)phosphonic acid, Acide Alendronique Arrow, Acide Alendronique Biogaran, Acide Alendronique EG, Acide Alendronique Merck, Acide Alendronique Qualimed, Acide Alendronique Ratiopharm, Acide Alendronique Teva, Acido Alendronico, Acido Alendronico Mepha, Adronat, Aidbone, Aldren, Aldronac, Alemax, Alenat, Alenato, Alenbon, Alend, Alendene, Alendex, Alendil, Alendomax, Alendon, Alendor, Alendra 7, Alendral, Alendrate, Alendrin, Alendro, Alendro-Q, Alendromax, Alendron, Alendronat, Alendronat-Nycomed, Alendronat Arrow, Alendronate, Alendronate EG, Alendronate Merck, Alendronate Sodium, Alendronate Teva, Alendronat Merck NM, Alendronato, Alendronato Denver Farma, Alendronato MK, Alendronato Northia, Alendronato Sodico, Alendronat Ratiopharm, Alendronhexal, alendronic acid, Alendroninezr, Alendroninezuur A, Alendroninezuur CF, Alendroninezuur KR, Alendroninezuur PCH, Alendroninezuur Ratiopharm, Alendroninezuur Sandoz, Alendronsaeure ABZ, Alendronsaeure AL, Alendronsaeure Arcana, Alendronsaeure AWD, Alendronsaeure CT, Alendronsaeure Ratiopharm, Alendronsaeure Stada, Alendron Sandoz, Alendronstad, Alendros, Alenmax, Alenost, Alent, Alentop, Aliot, Allenmax, Alont, Alovell, APO-Alendronate, Apodrolen, Arendal, Armol, Arond, Berlex, Bifemelan, Bifosa, Bifosmac, Binosto, Bisbon, Blindafe, Bolend, Bonaid, Bonalon, Bonamax, Bonapex, Bonemax, Bones, Bongard, Bonmax, Bonomax, Bostrong, Brek, Calidron, Cleveron, CM Alendronate, CO Alendronaate, Defixal, Denfos, Drate, Dronadil, Dronal, Dronalent, Dronat, Drovitan, Durost, Elandur, Endronal, Endronax, Endrostan, Endrox, Eucalen, Findeclin, Firmofos, Fixopan, Folend, Forenmax, Fosaalen, Fosalan, Fosalen, Fosalong, Fosamac, Fosamax, Fosamax Once Weekly, Fosamax OW, Fosamax+D, Fosamax plus D, Fosamax T, Fosanet, Fosaqueen, Fosavance, Fosfalen, Fosfoplus, Fosmin, Fostepor, Fosval, GEN-Alendronate, Genalen, Genalmen, Genrx Alendronate, Gerical, GU Bang, Gynodron, Holadren, Lafedam, Landrolen, Lendronal, Leodrin, Lindron, Lokar, Marvil, Maxibone, Minusorb, Nichospor, Novo-Alendronate, Onclast, Orthonate, Osalen, Osaston, Osdronat, Oseolen, Oseomax, Oseotal, Oseotenk, Osficar, Oslene, Ossifix, Ossomax, Ostat, Ostel, Ostemax Comfort, Ostenan, Osteobon, Osteodur, Osteofar, Osteofel, Osteofene, Osteofos, Osteofose, Osteomax, Osteomed, Osteomel, Osteomepha, Osteomix, Osteonato, Osteoral, Osteotec, Osteotrat, Ostex, Ostolek, Ostonat, Oxtalen, Phostarac, PMS-Alendronate, PMS-Alendronate FC, Poris, Porosal, Porosin, Ralenost, Ratio-Alendronate, Recalfe, Regenesis, Rekostin, Restofos, Reventa, Romax, Silidral, Sinfract, Synostep, Teiroc, Terost, Tevalen, Tevanate, Tibolene, Tibone, Tilios, TW Alendronate, Voroste, Zophost.


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